A Panel on Keeping the Arts Alive at the Berkeley Forum

Seminar | November 6 | 6-8 p.m. | 219 Dwinelle Hall

 The Berkeley Forum

Fine arts organizations across multiple genres and styles are experiencing dwindling audience numbers. As it currently stands, many organizations are reliant on older populations as their primary patrons. This event will bring together artists from multiple fields to discuss how they see their fields innovating in this changing world as well as what is necessary to keep the arts alive for future generations. Students both at Berkeley and in the larger Bay Area who are looking to make these fields their careers; the evolution of these arts fields is integral to the longevity for numerous rising and aspiring artists. This panel looks to pose thought-provoking solutions on how to keep the notoriously struggling arts alive. Speakers will include Myles Thatcher, Jeffrey Freymann, Wu Han and Meredith Hagedorn.

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