Bridging the Political Divide: A Conversation with Arlie Hochschild and Joan Blades: The Christina Marsden Gillis Academic Lives Program

Special Event | October 17 | 4-6 p.m. | Women's Faculty Club, Stebbins Lounge

 Arlie Russell Hochschild, UC Berkeley - Sociology - Professor Emerita; Joan Blades

 The Women's Faculty Club

Arlie Hochschild is one of the most influential sociologists of her generation. She poured five years of her life into a "journey into the heart of the American right" and created a book that gave insight to a bewildered nation many of whose citizens struggled to fathom Trump's ascendancy to power.

Joan Blades- founding partner of Living Room Conversations - is also trained as a mediator and attorney. Living Room Conversations provides a platform for people to come together through social networks to engage in respectful civil discourse. She believes that "living with the negative consequences of the polarized dynamics that currently pervade our society oppresses all of us. It is time to unleash the potential for heartfelt conversation to transform distrust into understanding."

 All Audiences, Faculty, Friends of the University, Staff, Students - Graduate

 All Audiences

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