UAV Flight Safety Training: Provided by UAVs at Berkeley

Workshop | October 14 | 2-3 p.m. | Moffitt Undergraduate Library, 150D on the 1st Floor / bottom of Moffitt

 UAVs @ Berkeley

Saturday, Oct. 14
Room 150D on the 1st floor of Moffitt

Come get your flight ceritification from experienced pilots in the organization at our flight safety training. All piloting members are required to complete this training in order to familiarize the gorup with FAA rules and regulations, hardware and software failsafes, pre-flight checks, as well UC Berkeley specific protocol.

You'll recieve your AMA (Association of Model Aeronautics) member card through our organization and be officially cleared to take to the skies with UAVs@Berkeley drones. Benefits of getting registered under UAVs@Berkeley include a cheaper price and great insurance. Come learn a lot, meet new people, and prepare yourself to see the world from a bird's eye view!


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at Berkeley (UAVs@Berkeley) is a student organization dedicated to providing a central resource for all topics related to drones at UC Berkeley.

By providing a resource-rich organization for UC Berkeley students interested in designing, building, and flying UAVs for a multitude of purposes, we hope to incite collaboration across multiple engineering disciplines. Students will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and learn new skills by working on project teams with other majors.

Activities include a range of aerial photography/videography projects, academic research projects, and racing competitions. Other goals include: teaching basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in flying, operating, and controlling UAVs; organizing and setting up events for UAV flying meet-ups and outreach opportunities; and creating an open space for all UAV enthusiasts, engineers, and flyers to collaborate and create new and rich experiences through the use of UAVs.

Above all, UAVs@Berkeley seeks to bring the capabilities and potential of unmanned aerial vehicles to the minds and hands of students, engineers and the public alike.

 Cal ID required for entrance into Moffitt Library.