Design Field Notes: Andreas Bastian

Seminar | October 23 | 4-5 p.m. | 220 Jacobs Hall

 Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

About Design Field Notes:
Each informal talk in this pop-up series brings a design practitioner to a Jacobs Hall teaching studio to share ideas, projects, and practices.

About this talk:
Andreas Bastian is an engineer and designer interested in the blurring line between materiality and design by developing and applying cutting edge additive manufacturing technologies.

Currently a principal research scientist at Autodesk, he studies both novel and established additive manufacturing technologies and their role in the near future. He has conducted research in fused deposition modeling (FDM) technology as lead R&D engineer at Makerbot Industries and developed low-cost selective laser sintering technology (SLS) at both the Miller Lab for Microphysiological Systems and Advanced Materials and the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute at Rice University. As an artist in residence at Autodesk, he explored low cost metal laser sintering, developed an un-bounded 3D printing system with applications in digital textile fabrication, and researched mesostructured cellular materials.

Andreas has been deeply involved in explorations of 3D printed assistive technology and prosthetics since 2013. At the Jacobs Institute, he will discuss his work with LimbForge. Globally, an estimated 30-100 million people live with limb-loss. Of this population, 80% live in low income countries and only a fraction have access to any sort of care. In many of these countries, amputees face debilitating social stigmatization and economic hardship.

LimbForge is a nonprofit developing a scalable system to cost-effectively deliver prosthetics to the millions of people who do not currently have access to care. LimbForge combines person-centered design and advanced design and manufacturing technology to enable new modes of training, care delivery, and distribution in remote and low resource areas.

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