Violence and Medicine Conference

Conference/Symposium | September 8 | 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. | 470 Stephens Hall

 Townsend Center for the Humanities, Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, and Society, Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, Berkeley UCSF Joint Medical Program, Program for the Medical Humanities

You are invited to join an interdisciplinary gathering of medical professionals and scholars who will discuss how health care, pastoral care and education of health professionals is affected by forms of violence endemic to American culture and, in some ways, to the culture of medicine. Topics include:

Violence as a public health problem

The language of violence in clinic, classroom and public spaces

Violated boundaries – where medicine broaches abuse

Medical participation in torture and warfare

Institutionalizing violence

All attendees will be invited to full, active participation in the conference discussions. It is our hope that many conference attendees will be inspired to write and submit a paper to be considered for publication on any aspect of medicine and violence.

  RSVP online, 510-642-4581