Launch Pad: Undergraduate Student Talks about the Research Process in Social Sciences

Presentation | September 13 | 12:10-1 p.m. | Moffitt Undergraduate Library, 4th Floor


Moffitt Library is open to all students across every discipline on campus and the newly renovated fourth and fifth floors embody a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and process learning. To celebrate the spirit of the space and help support this student intellectual community, the Library has launched an informal student lunch series that features undergraduate students from different disciplines each month. Students discuss the initial process of starting a research project, introducing methodological approaches and resources while inviting other students to share their insight as well.

This months featured students are:

Shelby Mack, American Studies
#BlackGirlsMatterToo: Understanding and Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline Among Black Girls
Black girls are disproportionately impacted by school discipline policies and practices that render them vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and dehumanization. Shelby Mack's research will employ in-depth interviewing, purposive sampling and non-participant observation of Black girls who are a part of the African American Girls and Young Women Achievement Program (AAGYWA), and Black girls who are not a part of the program at West Oakland Middle School.

Yena Lee, Media Studies
Hashtag Feminist Movement within K-pop Fandom
The past two years have been a time of painful awakening for Korea as the country witnessed a deeply polemic gender war previously unprecedented in Korean society. Yena Lee will explore how the recent feminism revival in Korea has fostered a discourse on identity politics within K-pop fandom by examining the feminist narrative of the 21st century Korea, history and characteristics of K-pop fandom and past fan activisms, and Twitter as an effective counter public for alternative voices within fandom.

The Library attempts to offer programs in accessible, barrier-free settings. If you think you may require disability-related accommodations, please contact the event sponsor, Jean Ferguson (, 510-768-7618), ideally at least two weeks prior to the event.

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