Michelle Wilkerson: How students learn through computational representations

Special Event | May 9 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 303 Doe Library

 Professor Michelle Wilkerson, Coalition for Education and Outreach

 Coalition for Education and Outreach

Professor Michelle Hoda Wilkerson studies how young people learn with and about computational representations – things like computer simulations, data visualizations, or interactive graphics. She is especially interested in finding ways to give learners experience with computational representations in ways that are tightly connected to, and therefore feasible within, the existing K-12 curriculum. For example, the SiMSAM project explores how middle school students engage in model-based inquiry using an animation and simulation toolkit that allows them to first build models using stop-motion animation, and then translate those models to formal computational simulations with a menu-based programming interface. Similarly, the DataSketch project studies how enabling learners to build their own data-driven animations using digital ink sketching might serve to support exploration and modeling of the quantitative relationships that underlie systems. In this talk, Prof. Wilkerson will provide an overview of her research agenda—focused on connecting theories concerned with learning by design, idea diversity, and community knowledge building—and a broad description of emerging results.

 Students - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate

 Students - Graduate, Students - Undergraduate

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