Listening Launch: Many-to-Many

Special Event | April 28 | 5 p.m. | Moffitt Undergraduate Library, Rm. 340 - BCNM Commons

 Juliana Friend

 Berkeley Center for New Media

In collaboration with the Digital Humanities at Berkeley, BCNM is launching a unique launch event for Many-to-Many, an interactive digital archive of ethnographic conversations recorded around the world.

We will screen a selection of conversations from the archive; possibilities include a sound walk through the streets of Taipei, a commemoration of the day of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion in Mano, Guinea, and a discussion between Brazilian activists about language, violence, and activism in Rio de Janeiro. We will then record a meta-conversation about the conversation archive to post to the site’s ‘About’ page.

Refreshments will be served.

Many-to-Many harnesses digital media tools to promote collaboration in the production and circulation of ethnographic knowledge. We invite ethnographers, their interlocutors, and the general public to share conversations in any form and medium. In doing so we ask, what is a conversation in the first place?