Gamushara (Live Recklessly)

Film - Documentary | April 6 | 6:30 p.m. | 142 Dwinelle Hall

 Hidekazu Takahara, Director and Filmmaker; Yuka/Act Yasukawa, Professional Wrestler and Actress

 Center for Japanese Studies (CJS), Center for the Study of Sexual Culture, Center for East Asian Studies

Hidekazu Takahara, 2015 (102 Minutes)
In Japanese with English subtitles – Free and Open to the Public

Hidekazu Takahara
Director and Filmmaker
Yuka/Act Yasukawa
Professional Wrestler and Actress
In Attendance

In Hidekazu Takahara’s Gamushara (Live Recklessly), professional wrestling/joshi puroresu star Yuka/Act Yasukawa confronts her own past sexual trauma through the performance of violence in the ring. The fluidity between Yuka and her wrestling persona Act raises key questions: what are the documentary's limits in crafting a vision of a shifting identity, when so much of its subject’s personality is performed? Where is the Act in Yuka and the Yuka in Act? Where does Act's act begin? As a film that cannily and critically engages with the genre aesthetics of both documentary and pink film, the unreleased Gamushara has been heralded as a major work of documentary cinema by preeminent Japanese filmmaker Hara Kazuo.

Takahara, and the subject of the film, Yasukawa, will be on hand for a Q &A following the film. This will be an exciting opportunity to discuss the film with its creator and principal actor to probe the tensions between performing a transgressive femininity on camera and in the wrestling ring., 510-642-3415