Anthropology on the Frontlines: Honoring the work of Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Conference/Symposium | May 1 | 1-7 p.m. |  Alumni House

 Marcelo Suarez-Orozco, Dean of Education, UCLA; Juan Thomas Ordóñez, Professor of Anthropology, Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá; Naomar Monteriro Almeida-Filho, Chancellor, Federal University Southern Bahia, Brazil; Sherry Ortner, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, UCLA; Kimberly Theidon, Professor of Anthropology, Fletcher School of Diplomacy; Francisco J. Ferrándiz, Spanish National Research Council; Donald Boström, Investigative Journalist, Sweden; Michael Montgomery, Center for Investigative Reporting; Dr. Jorge Pérez Ávila, Former Director, Pedro Khori Institute, Havana; Meira Waiss, Professor Emerita of Antropology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

 Gail Kligman, Assoc. Provost, Professor of Sociology, UCLA

 Nicholas B. Dirks, Professor of Anthropology, Chancellor, UCB

 Department of Anthropology, Center for Latin American Studies, Institute for the Study of Societal Issues, Humanities Research Institute, Center for Law and Society

The Anthropology department is hosting an international conference with special guests to honor the life and work of Professor Nancy Scheper-Hughes during May 1st and 2nd. Several of our own UCB Anthropology PhD alumni and other distinguished anthropologists, social scientists, doctors, epidemiologists, investigative journalists will also be speaking at the two day event.

 Faculty, Friends of the University, Students - Graduate

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