Soundwaves - The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan: A Play in English presented by Enacte Arts

Performing Arts - Theater | April 8 – 9, 2017 every day | 2-6 p.m. |  DeAnza Visual and Performing Arts Center

 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014

 Institute for South Asia Studies, Enacte Arts

Fri, April 7: 8 PM
Sat, April 8: 2 PM and 6 PM
Sun, April 9: 2 PM and 6 PM

$100, $50, $35, $25, $10

‘The universe is made of sound. There is no solid matter. Nothing apparently solid lasts. Everything is made of waves.’
– Joe Martin, SoundWaves: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan

'SoundWaves: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan' chronicles the complex life of Noor alias Nora alias Madeleine. Trained by Britain as an Allied Special Operations Executive and sent into occupied France, Noor, a Muslim Indian living in Paris, became the first female radio operator during the Second World War. On September 13, 1944, she was shot at a camp in Dachau, Germany, after being captured and severely tortured.

With a mission to bring quality South Asian themed stories to universal audiences, while offering a talent development platform where theatre professionals work with aspiring amateurs to foster the growth of local performing talents, Enacte Arts presents to you 'SoundWaves: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan', which is still as socio-politically relevant as it was during Second World War. While depicting courage, resilience and most importantly, love, Noor’s story inspires moral integrity in the face of adversity and large-scale political conflicts.

Written by Joe Martin
Directed by Vinita Sud Belani
Music composed by Randy Armstrong

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Please note that parking is not always easily available in Berkeley. Take public transportation if possible or arrive early to secure your spot.

 $100,  $50,  $35,  $25,  $10

  Tickets go on sale March 13. Buy tickets online Contact person: Enacte Arts