Beyond Hype, Hysteria, and Headlines: Strategies for Addressing Media Literacy Gaps in the Classroom

Colloquium | March 1 | 12-1:30 p.m. | Dwinelle Hall, 117 (Level D) - Academic Innovation Studio

 Beverly Crawford, Political Science / Economy; Leslea Hlusko, Integrative Biology; Jean Retzinger, Media Studies; Edward Wasserman, Journalism

 Cody Hennesy, Doe Library

 Michael Larkin, College Writing Program

 Academic Innovation Studio, Library, Center for Teaching and Learning

How do we help students understand, navigate, and engage with a rapidly changing and increasingly complex online information landscape--in an era of echo chambers, filter bubbles, and misinformation? Recent concerns about the influence of fake news on the 2016 Presidential election highlight an array of emerging gaps in students’ media and digital literacy skills. Studies also show that most so-called digital natives fare poorly when it comes to the critical evaluation of online sources.

Faculty from a variety of disciplines will share practical examples from their own teaching and lead a discussion around what's changed, what we should pay attention to, and how we can work together to equip ourselves and our students to address both age-old and emerging concerns.

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 Faculty, Staff

 This event is intended for Berkeley faculty, graduate students, and academic support staff.