The World in and out of Sync: Looking back at the long 18th century: part of Syncing... Subject, Media, Society Conference

Lecture | February 25 | 1:30-2:50 p.m. | 370 Dwinelle Hall

 Helge Jordheim, University of Oslo, University of Trondheim

 Department of German

Taking his cue from present discussions on synchronization, non-synchronicity, and "desynchronized societies" (Rosa), Jordheim will look back at 18th century practices for dealing with multiple times, both in writing and through visual media, in order to explore how diagrams, concepts and narratives work to bring times and temporalities together and/or to keep them apart. .

Helge Jordheim is Professor of Cultural History at the University of Oslo and Professor of German at the University of Trondheim. For the academic year 2015-2016 he was Visiting Professor at the Department of English, NYU. He wrote his PhD in German literature on politics and genre in the 18th century (published with Niemeyer, 2007). Since then he has been working on a wide number of topics in 18th century studies, including mirrors for princes, medical history, and political satire. Other fields of research are conceptual history, where he has explored concepts like empire, world, cosmopolitanism, and crisis, and the theory and history of the human sciences. For the last years his main interest has been in questions of multiple times and the work of synchronization, which he has discussed in articles in History & Theory and other leading journals. Currently he is working on a book on temporal multiplicity, genre, and diagrammatics in the long 18th century. Latest book: Civilizing Emotions ​(with Pernau et al.)​
Christoph Cox is Professor of Philosophy at Hampshire College. He is the author of Sonic Flux: Sound, Art, and Metaphysics (forthcoming) and Nietzsche: Naturalism and Interpretation (California, 1999) and co-editor of Realism Materialism Art (Sternberg, 2015) and Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music (Continuum, 2004). The recipient of an Arts Writers Grant from Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation, Cox is editor-at-large at Cabinet magazine. His writing has appeared in October, Artforum, Journal of the History of Philosophy, The Wire, Journal of Visual Culture, Organised Sound, The Review of Metaphysics, and elsewhere. He has curated exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, The Kitchen, CONTEXT Art Miami, New Langton Arts, G Fine Art Gallery and other venues.