UC Berkeley Calendar Network

RSS, XML, and iCalendar Feeds

Each calendar is provided with three RSS feeds for Today's, This Week's, and This Month's events in the left navigation column. If a value for a calendar filter has been selected, then the RSS feed will include this filter. For example, if the calendar has an "Audience" filter and "Alumni" is selected, then "Today's Events" will include only events taking plan today flagged for an "Alumni" audience.

In addition to the three visible RSS feeds, you may set up other RSS feeds for various time periods and filters. Below is a complete list of the options. You may also apply these same options to the live XML feed (which contains more data) by substituting "live_export" for "rss" and to the live iCalendar feed by substituting "ical" for "rss." Some systems may require a final "/.ics" at the end of the URL in order to recognize the iCalendar feed.

Note to developers: an XML file of the names and short names (used in URL) of network calendars may be generated by accessing: http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar_list_export.html