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Friday, April 28, 2017

ESPM Graduate Student Symposium

Conference/Symposium | April 28 | 9 a.m.-8 p.m. | David Brower Center, Tamalpais Room

 2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

 Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Mgmt. (ESPM)

The ESPM Graduate Research Symposium is an annual event in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management that celebrates and showcases graduate student research. Keynote by Jon Foley, the Executive Director of the California Academy of Sciences at 10:30am. He will host a Conversation on “The War on Science” and How Scientists Can Best Respond.

Undergraduate Legal Studies Research Conference

Conference/Symposium | April 28 | 10 a.m.-4 p.m. |  Legal Studies Department

 2240 Piedmont Ave, Berkeley, CA 94720

 Office of Undergraduate Research

6 Days, 50 Years: 1967 and the Politics of Time: Panel Discussion

Conference/Symposium | April 28 | 10 a.m.-1 p.m. | 340 Stephens Hall

 Joel Beinin, Donald J. McLachlan Professor of History and Professor of Middle East History, Stanford University; Smadar Ben Natan, Visiting Scholar, Berkeley Law, Tel Aviv University; Leena Dallasheh, Assistant Professor, Humboldt State University; Sreemati Mitter, Kutayba Alghanim Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History and International and Public Affairs, Brown University

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Middle East war, the Centers for Middle Eastern Studies at UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UC Santa Barbara will host contemporaneous panels to address this significant milestone through the meta narrative of “6 Days, 50 Years: 1967 and the Politics of Time.” At UC Berkeley, we will convene a panel of experts to reflect on how horizons of the future were...   More >

Essig Brunch Seminar: Spatial and Temporal Variability in Benthic Invertebrate Assemblages and Genetics in a Lake and Stream System

Colloquium | April 28 | 10-11 a.m. | 1101 Valley Life Sciences Building

 Natalie Stauffer-Olsen, PhD candidate, O'Grady & Resh Labs, UC Berkeley

 Entomology, Essig Museum of

Weekly seminar series focused on arthropod science (insects, spiders, scorpions, etc.)

Cognition Colloquium: Tracking early vocabulary development with smartphones

Colloquium | April 28 | 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. | 5101 Tolman Hall

 Stephan Meylan, UC Berkeley

 Department of Psychology

Our own Stephan Meylan will present his work on, "Tracking early vocabulary development with smartphones."

Learning and Legislating Love: Family Inequality and U.S. Marriage Education Policy

Colloquium | April 28 | 12-1:30 p.m. | 2538 Channing (Inst. for the Study of Societal Issues), Wildavsky Conference Room

 Jennifer Randles, Assistant Professor of Sociology, CSU Fresno

 Jill Duerr Berrick, Zellerbach Family Foundation Professor, School of Social Welfare, UC Berkeley

 Center for Ethnographic Research, Center for Race and Gender, Department of Gender and Women's Studies, Department of Sociology

In this talk, she will take the audience inside the marriage education classroom to reveal how healthy marriage policy promotes the idea that preventing poverty depends on individuals’ abilities to learn about skilled love.

Core Essentials for Better Posture (BEUHS402)

Workshop | April 28 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | Tang Center, University Health Services, Class of '42

 Greg Ryan, Be well at Work - Ergonimics

 Be Well at Work - Ergonimics

Improve your posture through awareness and exercise. Learn about common muscular imbalances and postural patterns. Practice strengthening, stretching, and stability exercises to promote healthy postures and better balance. Wear comfortable clothing. Enroll online through the UC Learning Center.

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ARE Seminar: Teevrat Garg

Seminar | April 28 | 12:10-1:30 p.m. | 201 Giannini Hall

 Teevrat Garg, UC San Diego

 College of Natural Resources

Teevrat Garg in an assistant professor of economics at UCSD. He works on a variety of issues in economics, with a focus on applications to environmental problems in under-developed countries.

His current research projects include uncovering causal mechanisms that link ecosystem health to human health, with an emphasis on irrigation in rural communities in poor countries and the distributional...   More >


Presentation | April 28 | 1-2 p.m. |  Wurster Hall

 College of Environmental Design


Engineering 2D Energy Landscapes Using Molecules and Defects: Nano Seminar Series

Seminar | April 28 | 2-3 p.m. | 390 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

 Prof. Michael Crommie, UC Berkeley, Physics

 Berkeley Nanosciences and Nanoengineering Institute

The local electronic properties of 2D devices are typically controlled by electric fields that come from nearby electrodes. Conventional electrodes, however, are difficult to make with ultra-small feature size (e.g., down to a single nanometer) and also create difficulties in maintaining atomically clean surfaces for scanned probe microscopy experiments.

Generalized quantum master equations in and out of equilibrium: When can one win?

Seminar | April 28 | 2-4 p.m. | 775B Tan Hall

 Dr. Andres Montoya-Castillo, Stanford University

 College of Chemistry

Generalized quantum and classical master equations provide a formal framework to describe the time evolution of observables and correlation functions of complex many-body systems based on the projection operator method. This broadly applicable formalism has made possible efficient and accurate calculations of, for example, diffusion constants of liquids, density fluctuations in glasses, and...   More >

Student Probability/PDE Seminar: Condensation and Large Deviation II

Seminar | April 28 | 2:10-3:30 p.m. | 891 Evans Hall

 Fraydoun Rezakhanlou, UC Berkeley

 Department of Mathematics

Student Arithmetic Geometry Seminar: Algebraic and rational solutions to differential equations

Seminar | April 28 | 2:10-3 p.m. | 736 Evans Hall

 Joseph Stahl, UCB

 Department of Mathematics

In this talk we will examine a modification of the Grothendieck-Katz $p$-curvature conjecture considered by Yunqing Tang in her paper "Algebraic Solutions of Differential Equations over $\Bbb P^1\setminus \{0,1,\infty \}$," in which a condition has been placed on a connection $(M,\nabla )$ at all primes rather than at almost all primes. We will recall the classical $p$-curvature conjecture,...   More >

Composition Colloquium: Samuel Andreyev

Colloquium | April 28 | 3 p.m. | 125 Morrison Hall

 Department of Music

Samuel Andreyev is a composer, poet, teacher and performer. His music is performed, broadcast, recorded and written about worldwide, and is known for its expressive intensity, spirit of exploration and enormous range of timbres. Resolutely independent, his compositional process is marked by a rigourous perfectionism, with many projects taking years to reach completion.

Samuel Andreyev studied...   More >

Environmental Engineering Seminar

Seminar | April 28 | 3-4 p.m. | 406 Davis Hall

 Dr. Shilpa Khatri, Asst. Professor, UC Merced

 Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

Personal Digital Archives: From Accumulation to Legacy

Seminar | April 28 | 3:10-5 p.m. |  107 South hall

 Cathy Marshall

 Information, School of

Cathy Marshall is an adjunct professor at the Texas A&M University Center for the Study of Digital Libraries.

6 Days, 50 Years: 1967 and the Politics of Time: Keynote Address

Conference/Symposium | April 28 | 3:30-5 p.m. | Stephens Hall, 340, Sultan Conference Room | Note change in date, time, and location

 Noura Erakat, George Mason University

 Center for Middle Eastern Studies

“Taking the Land Without the People: International Law and the 1967 War”

Keynote Address by Noura Erakat (George Mason University)

Neil Bartlett Memorial Lecture: In the Wake of Neil Bartlett’s Beautiful Experiment; Recent Developments in Krypton and Xenon Chemistry

Seminar | April 28 | 4-5 p.m. |  Pitzer Auditorium, 120 Latimer Hall

 Prof. Gary J. Schrobilgen, Department of Chemistry, McMaster University

 College of Chemistry

Although the highly endothermic, shock-sensitive XeVIO3 and XeVIIIO4, have been known for ca. five decades, examples of Xe(II) oxide species have only been synthesized and characterized recently. The zigzag-shaped [XeOXeOXe]2+ cation (C2h) was synthesized as its [µ-F(ReO2F3)2]– salt by reaction of ReO3F with XeF2 in anhydrous HF (aHF) at –30 oC. The bent [XeOXe]2+ cation was stabilized as its...   More >

Music Studies Colloquium: Adeline Mueller (Mount Holyoke College), "Cadences of the Childlike: Familial Intimacy in Mozart’s Sonatas for Four Hands and Double and Triple Concertos"

Colloquium | April 28 | 4:30 p.m. | 128 Morrison Hall

 Department of Music

Adeline Mueller (Mount Holyoke College), "Cadences of the Childlike: Familial Intimacy in Mozart’s Sonatas for Four Hands and Double and Triple Concertos"

Adeline Mueller is Assistant Professor of Music at Mount Holyoke College. She specializes in Mozart and eighteenth-century opera, ballet, and Lieder, with additional research interests in music and childhood, silent film music, and...   More >