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Concert by Smt. Anupama Bhagwat: Indian Classical Music (Sitar Concert)

Performing Arts - Music | October 12 | 4-6 p.m. | 159 Mulford Hall

Smt. Anupama Bhagwat; Shri. Abhiman Kaushal

Student Opportunities Fund, Graduate Assembly, Center for South Asia Studies, UC Berkeley

Anupama, a refreshingly versatile sitarist of the current generation, has performed to critical acclaim in India, USA/Canada, UK, Italy, France, and Brazil. One of the leading disciples of the world-renowned Pandit Shri Bimalendu Mukherjee, her sensitivity and erudition has taken her to the highest echelons of the modern genre, while remaining true to tradition.
Anupama has established herself with performances at prestigious festivals and venues worldwide, including: Turin (Italy), Nice (France), India International Center (New Delhi), Sangeet Research Accademy (Kolkata), Lotus World Music Festival (USA), MIT Fall Concert Series (USA) and Basant Bahar (California). Now as an established artiste, besides her concert appearances world-wide, Anupama conducts sitar workshops and lecture-demonstrations. She has also collaborated on World-Music performances in Global Rhythms and Shanti. Anupama has also received grants in 2000, 2002, and 2004, from the Ohio Arts Council (USA).
Anupama obtained her Masters in music from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya (Khairagarh), India. She has appeared on All India Radio, Doordarshan National Television (India), WDPR (Dayton Public Radio), WEFT (Champaign, IL), Mood Indigo (California Arts TV)

Anupama is accompanied on tabla by Abhiman Kaushal

Abhiman Kaushal is an outstanding tabla artist who is much sought after for his sensitive accompaniment and intense solo playing. He represents the Farukkabad and Lucknow styles of tabla. Having been initiated into the art by his father R. B. Kaushal, who was a disciple of the legendary Ustad Amir Hussain Khan, Abhiman later continued his training under the famous Ustad Sheikh Dawood of Hyderabad, India, and the Ustad's senior most disciple, Pandit B. Nandkumar. Abhiman has accompanied most of the leading musicians, singers and dancers of North Indian classical music. He has toured around the world performing in prestigious venues. He has numerous recordings and world music collaborations. He has recorded a soundtrack for National Geographc'sMan Eaters of North India, for Zoolander movie and has performed for MTV's Aerosmithicon show in front of a live audience. Recently he was the solo featured musician for the acclaimed electronic dance dramaRamayana 2k3 which won rave reviews in Los Angeles and New York City.