Andreas Floer Memorial Lecture: From pseudo-rotations to holomorphic curves

Lecture | November 4 | 2:30-3:30 p.m. | 748 Evans Hall

 Viktor Ginzburg, UC Santa Cruz

 Department of Mathematics

On the conceptual level, the roots of a big part of modern symplectic topology can be easily traced back to the original work of Floer, and this talk is no exception. The main theme of the talk is the dynamics of Hamiltonian pseudo-rotations, i.e., Hamiltonian diffeomorphisms with minimal number of periodic points. This is an interesting and important class of maps and there is a strong relation, via Floer homology, between symplectic topological properties of the underlying manifold and the dynamics of pseudo- rotations, going far beyond periodic orbits. In this talk, mainly based on a joint work with Erman Cineli and Basak Gurel, we will discuss the dynamics of pseudo-rotations and recently established connections between pseudo-rotations and holomorphic curves.


Note: the talk begins at 2:30 sharp.