i4Y CMYE Speaker Series: "Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Family Planning Options in Armenia"

Lecture | November 6 | 1-2 p.m. | 5101 Berkeley Way West

 Lara Rostomian, UC Berkeley

 Innovations for Youth (i4Y)

Please join us for the next speaker in the i4Y Child Marriage & Youth Empowerment Speaker Series:

Title: "Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Family Planning Options in Armenia"

Abstract: Most of the available data on family planning in Armenia is limited, out of date, and indicates high abortion rates coupled with low modern contraceptive prevalence. Making this discovery ignited Lara's interest in conducting interview and survey-based research to assess Armenian women's knowledge and attitudes towards various family planning methods, and ultimately uncover why women in Armenia seem to not be using modern contraceptive methods. She spent this past Summer 2019 as a SURF Fellow conducting research on this topic in Armenia. Some of the possible answers she came across included distrust in the healthcare system, misinformation regarding hormonal interferences with the body, low frequency of sexual activity, as well as shame surrounding female sexual health, female autonomy, and female pleasure. Lara believes that studying women’s sexual and reproductive health in Armenia is important because social stigma surrounding this issue may hinder women from gaining access to not only family planning resources, but also education regarding their options.

Speaker: Lara Rostomian is a UC Berkeley senior studying Integrative Biology and minoring in both Global Public Health and Theatre. She is the National Premedical President of the American Medical Women’s Association, whose mission of empowering women in medicine she values greatly. Her independent research centers around the family planning profile in Armenia.