Proving Student Competence in Higher Education

Lecture | November 12 | 3-4 p.m. | Sutardja Dai Hall, Room 630, Bechtel Board Room

 Center for Studies in Higher Education

Student experience and student competence are often viewed as separate things, though in any realistic sense they are closely interlinked. Students, teachers and universities engage for all kinds of intrinsic reasons, but importantly to learn and achieve. Experience and engagement are part of the same educational journey. Identifying and leading patterns in such journeys and linking them to student competence is an important next step for higher education policy.

Hamish Coates will articulate what progress should be made towards proving student competence in the global era. First, he will discuss the need for new forms of information on student competence. Next, he will spotlight the most promising areas for development in measuring student competence. Third, he will review what is required to shift global higher education beyond prevailing information about student experience and competence.

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