The Kiutu incantation-prayers: Or a literary genre inspired by a single composition

Lecture | September 25 | 12-1 p.m. | 254 Barrows Hall

 Beatrice Baragli, Visiting Scholar, Near Eastern Studies

 Near Eastern Studies

The Sumerian Kiutu incantation-prayers addressed to the sun god Utu constitute a small genre of roughly 20 texts, but which includes compositions that are very different from each other. Since these texts were categorized as such according to ancient criteria, the modern reader would face the following question: Why were so different texts labeled in the same way? This talk will analyze the common features shared by the Kiutus and trace their origin back to the composition that probably inspired the whole genre: The “Incantation to Utu A” or simple “Kiutu A.”, 510-642-4915