Microsoft Excel 3D Geo Mapping

Course | December 18 | 1:30-4 p.m. | 28 University Hall

 Human Resources

This course details the process of configuring a wide array of options to protect the integrity and accuracy of data in a Microsoft Excel workbook. Emphasis is placed on protection settings, value and format manipulation, exception reporting, and workbook diagnostic tools. Learning Objectives * Propagate consistent data values and formatting using worksheet groups. * Create custom AutoFill lists to ensure accurate data pattern population. * Perform automatic parsing and concatenation using Flash Fill. * Identify and remove duplicate data. * Activate conditional formatting to visually detect data patterns and exceptions. * Define custom cell formats to adaptively control the display of date/time, numeric, and text values. * Enforce validation rules to restrict data entry and to audit rule exceptions. * Define custom views to reduce redundant manipulation of common settings and define a default perspective of worksheet data. * Hide worksheets or worksheet areas. * Run diagnostics using the Inquire Add-in. * Disable or customize elements of the Microsoft Excel user interface. * Protect cells, ranges, workbook structure, and files to prevent unauthorized access or edits. * Suppress visibility of formula and function calculations. * Share workbooks and track workbook changes by user. * Lock access to code stored in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) modules.

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