Novel Ultrafast Laser Sensors for Chemical Imaging

Seminar | March 12 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. | 3110 Etcheverry Hall

 Dr. Vassilia Zorba, Group Leader, Laser Technologies Group, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

 Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Next-generation sensors able to reveal the chemical makeup of any material with high sensitivity are critical in elucidating the inner workings and properties of advanced devices and systems. Research in this area is driven by applications in the fields of batteries, solar cells, advanced manufacturing, biology, and nuclear security. Direct chemical imaging in these application systems provides important information about their overall performance, quality, and potential failure mechanisms. However, high precision and sensitivity in chemical imaging come at the cost of time and the restriction of performing analysis exclusively in the laboratory. My work focuses on overcoming these limitations through the development of all-optical laser sensors that allow rapid, real-time analysis at both near and remote distances.

This seminar will focus on the use of emerging femtosecond laser technologies for elemental and isotopic analysis. Specifically, I will introduce the application of ultrafast optical vortex beams with varying orbital angular momentum as sampling tools in optical emission spectroscopy. I will also demonstrate remote isotopic analysis at extended distances through the combination of femtosecond filaments and optical emission spectroscopy. The use of near-field and far-field femtosecond laser sampling as strategies to improve resolution and limits of detection down to the attogram scale will also be presented. Finally, I will demonstrate the use of laser technologies for high-resolution 3D elemental imaging of Li-ion battery components, including anodes, cathodes and solid electrolytes, and correlate their composition to the battery’s electrochemical performance., 510-642-2525