Medical Culture in Action: Ethnographic Insights from Two Studies of Surgical Culture Change

Colloquium | October 30 | 12:40-2 p.m. | 1205 Berkeley Way West

 Daniel Dohan

 Public Health, School of

Integrating evidence-based best practices into everyday clinic culture is a longstanding challenge in healthcare improvement and health policy. I describe two projects to improve surgical care for frail older adults and examine how their implementation plays out at the micro-level of clinic culture. Frail older adults who undergo major surgery have high rates of complications, functional decline, and loss of independence. Studies have shown that a variety of peri-operative interventions are efficacious for improving outcomes in academic settings. Whether and how these interventions may translate into broadly effective approaches to change care remains unknown. I use pilot data from comparative ethnography to illustrate different strategies for tailoring interventions for effectiveness in diverse practice settings and describe some unexpected early insights.

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