Tracking the Concept of Government, 1700-1800: University of Cambridge Concept Lab

Lecture | April 9 | 3-5 p.m. | Doe Library, Doe 308A, Visual Resource Center

 Digital Humanities at Berkeley

In the final event for the 2018 DH Faire, Peter de Bolla and Ewan Jones from the University of Cambridge Concept Lab will showcase a range of techniques that build upon and refine procedures common to corpus linguistics, such as pointwise mutual information. We will also chart a number of specific case studies, using the large dataset of Eighteenth Century Collections Online so as to demonstrate how such an approach might differ from more conventional, analogue forms of intellectual history. The talk will be of interest to data scientists, intellectual historians and literary scholars. Co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley Department of English, the DH Working Group, and the Computational Text Analysis Working Group.