Center for Responsible Business Information Session

Information Session | September 12 | 5-5:45 p.m. | Haas School of Business, Wells Fargo Room (C420)

 Center for Responsible Business

Start the new school year off right; learn why responsible business is our business!

Students: Want to apply to the CRB Student Advisory Board? Interested in taking a class related to human rights & business or want to know what responsible business is? Find out about our events and ways to engage with the CRB at this Info Session. Members of our Student Advisory Board will share their experiences, Faculty will give you insider tips on classes, and CRB Alumni will disclose the amazing things they do and how they got there.

Alumni: Join us for updates about your favorite Center, meet current students, and enjoy face-to-face networking. We also want to hear what you have been up to and welcome your tough questions so we can better serve our students, partners and alumni!

Faculty/Staff: Want to collaborate/partner with the CRB? Learn more about where and how we can work together.