How should NSF support cyberinfrastructure for the next decade?

Meeting | February 9 | 12-1 p.m. | 200C Warren Hall

 Research IT Reading Group

he National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a “Dear Colleague Letter”, Requesting Information on Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering Research (see call here). They are looking for input that will “inform the Foundation's strategy and plans for an advanced cyberinfrastructure that will enable the frontiers of science and engineering to continue to advance over the next decade and beyond.”

Research IT and CITRIS/PRP invite members of the campus who want to have input to this to a Reading Group to identify key themes and perspectives. We will draw on this input to prepare at least one response to the NSF letter (others can submit their own responses as well).

At the reading group, we will discuss the three central questions in the Letter:

Research Challenge(s). Describe current or emerging science or engineering research challenge(s), providing context in terms of recent research activities and standing questions in the field.
Cyberinfrastructure Needed to Address the Research Challenge(s). Describe any limitations or absence of existing cyberinfrastructure, and/or specific technical advancements in cyberinfrastructure (e.g. advanced computing, data infrastructure, software infrastructure, applications, networking, cybersecurity), that must be addressed to accomplish the identified research challenge(s).
Other considerations. Any other relevant aspects, such as organization, process, learning and workforce development, access, and sustainability, that need to be addressed; or any other issues that NSF should consider.

Please come with ideas, suggestions, issues to share and discuss!