Enhancing Precision and Efficiency in Macromolecular Synthesis: New Strategies and Enabling Functions

Seminar | April 25 | 11 a.m.-12 p.m. |  Pitzer Auditorium, 120 Latimer Hall

 Prof. Jeremiah Johnson, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

 College of Chemistry

Motivated by nature, polymer chemists have long sought tactics and strategies for the synthesis of macromolecules and materials with precise structures. Existing approaches often require a trade-off between structural control and atom economy/scalability. Driven by specific fundamental questions and/or functional targets, we have developed synthetic strategies that offer both precision and efficiency within a variety of macromolecular synthesis contexts. This talk will highlight several of these efforts, which include iterative exponential growth plus sidechain functionalization (IEG+), brush-first ring-opening metathesis polymerization, N-heterocyclic carbene surface anchors, polymer metal-organic cage (polyMOC) synthesis, photo-redox catalyzed gel growth, and network disassembly spectrometry. The advantages of these approaches for achieving new or otherwise difficult-to-access macromolecular structures and functions will be discussed.

 Light refreshments served at The Coffee Lab at 10:50am.

 seminarcoordinator-cchem@berkeley.edu, 510-643-0572